Patrons Deserve Better: Popular Bakery Fined For F...

Patrons Deserve Better: Popular Bakery Fined For Food Safety Breaches

One of Canberra’s largest private bakeries has been fined $10,000 after pleading guilty to seven charges of not complying with food standards more than two years ago.

Prompted by a complaint from the public, inspectors found unclean surfaces that risked contamination, along with other issues that made cleaning difficult.

Breaches included general uncleanliness and build up of residue on the dough mixer, bagel roller, bagel conveyor, oven, floors, benches and surfaces. Food was also stored incorrectly, with food products on the floor, bags left open, uncovered dry ingredients and unclean food storage containers and tubs.

In one example, hydraulic fluid was found above open bags of flour and seeds, as reported by The Canberra Times.

Defence lawyer Adrian McKenna told the court in late January the offences should be seen as low-to-mid range, and that a professional firm had been hired to clean the premises.

He also acknowledged the business had suffered hardship to both to its reputation and finances as a result of the court case.But prosecutor Paul Sweeney argued the offences had been mid-to-high range, saying patrons had the right to expect food had been cooked in a clean and hygienic environment by people who obeyed safety laws.

Magistrate Maria Doogan said she accepted the bakery owner’s remorse, embarrassment and financial loss, and doubted it would happen again.

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