Urbanspoon Acquired By Food App Giant

Global restaurant search app Zomato has acquired mobile food guide Urbanspoon with all users and content to be migrated across to the new platform.

Zomato’s core content features include scanned menus and photos that are sourced by its large on-the-ground team. Users are encouraged to rate and review restaurants, as well as to post their own recommendations and reviews.

Positive ratings from user-generated review websites and apps have proved a significant revenue-raiser in recent years, with several Australian food outlets reporting noticeable losses following negative criticism by disgruntled customers.

The move will see Zomato hire around 300 people in Australia in the short-term, with an investment of $10 million planned in the coming year to consolidate its market leadership position.

Zomato expects traffic to more than double from about 35 million visits per month to more than 80 million visits per month, making it among the largest food search companies in the world.

Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal said the acquisition has a lot to offer small business owners in the Australian food sector.

β€œZomato’s hyperlocal advertising model, combined with the Zomato for Business app suite, will allow restaurant businesses to reach out to, connect with and engage customers like never before,” he said.

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