Nostalgic donuts to launch in Melbourne

Nostalgic donuts to launch in Melbourne

Unable to stay out of the kitchen completely, Rod Shokuhi is gearing up to launch a nostalgic range of donuts in Melbourne.

Dust Donuts is a small-batch pastry project from the chef behind Sixtene Melbourne, and will consist of made-to-order lady-finger style donuts, with a minimalistic signature flavour range of Classic & Raspberry Jam. However, Rod hasn’t discounted the possibility of other flavours along the way.

“There might be a special here and there, but otherwise I’m keeping it simple and delicious,” he said.

“The donut inspiration came from our trips to Vic Market way back and just seeing the nostalgic quality of simple donuts—with or without jam—being pumped out of the American donut bus.

“Fancy products and tricks are great creatively, however what I think we yearn for is the classic and simple done well items that make us think of happier times and forget about the pain of the times we’ve had.”
Rod recently stepped back from the hospitality sector after decades of experience to undertake study in the medical field, and says Dust will be a family, home-based operation.
“I just wanted a simple operation that I could focus on doing something fun with my family and teach (eventually) my kids the lessons and recipes in the bakery world, not so they should be expected to work in the industry but to show them how fun business can be—and wherever that leads them, so be it.
“But it’s important for the kids to be a part of something for their childhood at least, it gives them grounding.
“Me and Laura (my wife) are planning on doing this once a week/fortnight (need to finalise that based on demand) with deliveries being on Sundays and orders opening on the Monday evening.”
With ongoing Melbourne lockdowns, orders will initially be only available for pickup in the direct area (Templestowe and surrounds).
“Obviously I’m trying to balance this with studying to be an operating theatre technician in a hospital this year (with hopes of landing a job as a theatre tech in January after work placement),” Rod said.
“And also having two kids under two, both born during COVID times.”

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