Bondi local enjoys croissant and makes world news

Bondi local enjoys croissant and makes world news

Eating a pastry doesn’t normally make local, let alone international news, but a Bondi local enjoying a croissant made world news this week, and it’s delightful.

Footage of a sulphur-crested cockatoo perched atop a ‘no stopping’ sign nibbling a buttery snack was posted to Instagram by account @browncardigan, delighting viewers with its cheekiness as it munched away without a care in the world.


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With almost 100,000 likes, the video was a much-needed light news item for viewers, particularly Sydney locals in the midst of a tough lockdown. Some jokingly commented on the cockatoo’s flouting of the restrictions saying, “Birds [sic] gonna get fined no mask”.

Others thought the bird looked pretty fancy and very suited to the beachside suburb of Bondi, dubbing him ‘Le Coqatou’ and saying “surprised he didn’t have AirPods in”.

It isn’t the first time one of these very Aussie characters have been caught in the act of enjoying their local bakery’s product (likely taken from an unsuspecting person), with this one caught eating a meat pie last year.

Although the species normally travel in flocks and forage together, this guy clearly wanted to keep his special treat all to himself this time.

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