Eat a (chocolate) koala to save the koalas

Eat a (chocolate) koala to save the koalas

No, not literally. But you can eat a koala to save the koalas with the launch of Lindt Australia’s new limited-edition milk chocolate Lindt Koala.

Created to celebrate ‘Save the Koala Month’ in September, by purchasing the exquisite silver-wrapped Lindt Koala, you are also contributing to the long term survival of the beloved Australian animal, with $1 from every sale being donated to the Australian Koala Foundation.

Each Lindt Koala hollow figure is crafted from the finest Lindt milk chocolate with its hallmark melt and luxurious honey and caramel notes.

Thomas Schnetzler, Lindt Master Chocolatier, said “It is the attention to detail that makes Lindt’s hollow figures so special. Once wrapped in adorable Koala foil, each hollow figure is smoothed over with cotton gloves to ensure it is dressed perfectly, before being adorned with a red ribbon and heart charm.”

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is the principal non-profit and non-government organisation dedicated to the management and conservation of the Koala and it’s habitat. The main goals of the AKF is to continue the development of the Koala Habitat Atlas and to work towards the enactment of the Koala Protection Act to ensure the long term protection of the beloved animal.

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