New Zealand Pie Staple Lives On

Kiwis will continue to enjoy popular pie brand, McGregor’s Pie, thanks to a Dunedin-based manufacturer determined to keep the iconic food local.

The Marlow Group has taken over production and distribution, with general manager Brendan Williams saying after hearing McGregor’s pies were no longer being made, he contacted the brand owner to negotiate an exclusive licence.

Since then, it’s been all hands on deck to get the first pies into retail outlets around New Zealand’s South Island.

The move not only ensures the 100-year-old McGregor’s brand lives on, but has also created much needed jobs in the Dunedin region.

“We’re very proud to be behind the continuation of such a well known and iconic product,” Brendan told Slicemagazine.

“We want retailers and the public to know McGregor’s Pies are still being made and distributed around New Zealand, with Trents Child and Frozen being the main distributor.”

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