Bakery rewarding vaccinated staff with charity don...

Bakery rewarding vaccinated staff with charity donation

New Zealand bakery company Yarrows is encouraging its staff to get vaccinated, rewarding vaccinated staff with $5000 charity donations if rates hit 85 per cent, according to Taranaki Daily News.

The Manaia-based wholesale bakery pledged to make a donation to the charity of the staff’s choice at each Yarrows site if enough employees get their COVID-19 vaccine.

The company’s staff are essential workers, so high vaccination numbers are important, said executive director Phil Yarrow.

The group incentives will encourage employees to get the jab, while not excluding those who are unable to do so.

“There are people who can’t get a COVID vaccination for some reason, and we don’t want to punish them,” he said.

“We want to create a team target. The rest of the business can carry these people.”

Yarrows also operates sites in Rotorua and Tirau, where separate charity donations are also being offered.

“We will probably grab three charities in the South Taranaki area, then it will be up to staff [to choose one]. Staff in Tirau and Rotorua can also choose their own charities,” said Mr Yarrow.

The bakery company is updating their vaccinations numbers weekly, which are climbing as more vaccine appointment availabilities open up. The company is also encouraging staff to get their vaccine during work hours.

“At the moment we are sitting at about 75 per cent of people who have at least had one vaccination and are booked for their second as well,” Yarrow said.

The initiative has inspired some healthy competition between the bakery sites, he said.

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