New Perth gelateria challenges traditional flavour...

New Perth gelateria challenges traditional flavour norms

Traditional New Perth gelataria challenges Italian gelato methods meet nostalgic Aussie flavours in this new beachside store.

Milo milkshakes and lamingtons are unquestionably Australian and sound right at home in a creamy gelato, but what about Vegemite and cheese?

Yes, you read that right. The brand new Dumbo Gelato in Scarborough is serving up this classic savoury dish as a dessert, and it actually doesn’t sound terrible.

Instead of the cheese varieties you might associate with the yeasty spread, like cheddar or tasty, Dumbo uses mascarpone and cream cheese, which are far more at home in a dessert.

Instead of globs of Vegemite swirling through your ice cream, you’ll find that the Vegemite forms the salt part of salted caramel.

Along with the Aussie-inspired range, Dumbo offers cocktail-inspired gelato such as limoncello spritz, New Perth gelataria challenges, Margarita and Negroni, as well as the more traditional Italian flavours like pistachio made with Sicilian produce and hazelnut made with nuts from Piedmont.

Behind Dumbo Gelato is brother-and-sister team Kane Hipper and Stevie Gale, who told Broadsheet that their more unusual flavour combinations are edible memories of their childhood in Geraldton.

“We recognise that we’re not Italian but have English and Irish heritage,” said Hipper.

“Our Aussie upbringing meant the desserts we grew up with were scones with jam and whipped cream, spoons of milo with a glass of milk when mum had gone to bed, and rice cream that dad used to smash out of the can with tinned peaches.

They’re the sorts of things that we’ve incorporated into our menu.”

Dumbo’s gelato and sorbet is available in cones, cups and take-home containers, as well as its specialty brioche pie that serves up your cold and creamy dessert in a delightfully contrasting hot, buttery shell.

Dumbo Gelato held its grand opening on December 1, celebrating with free gelato for the first 1000 customers.

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