Mr Whippy in winter? Nope, it’s Husk Bakery!

Mr Whippy in winter? Nope, it’s Husk Bakery!

It’s three days into winter, so the sound of an ice cream truck making the rounds, especially in Canberra might raise eyebrows. But locals know it isn’t Mr Whippy making the rounds in winter – nope, it’s Husk Bakery bringing hot pies and pastries!

It may seem a pretty out-there idea, but for Husk owner Aaron Clark, this unique delivery concept is working well and has been a saviour following the devastating bushfires earlier in the year and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Aaron, a baker and pastry chef with 16 years of experience behind him, set up Husk Bakery in October, trading at the Southside Farmers Market and Capital Region Farmers Market at EPIC each weekend. However, with the aforementioned crises, business was down and he had to change the nature of Husk.

In April, with his van painted, loaded up with product and the traditional Mr Whippy music ready to signal his arrival, Aaron started driving the streets of Canberra, receiving a very warm reception.

In fact, Aaron has been quickly selling out of freshly-made patisserie treats including Kronuts, Danishes, cinnamon scrolls, almond croissants, and Portuguese tarts, breads, and ready-to-bake gourmet pies.

Driving through the Capital’s suburbs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, Aaron uses his Facebook page to find out where the demand is by asking customers to comment their street name.

Additionally, Husk sets up regularly at Taylor Adventure Park, allowing customers to place orders in advance and pick up before the truck starts making the rounds off the suburbs.


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