Jayme baked all night to make over 1000 hot cross ...

Jayme baked all night to make over 1000 hot cross buns

It might be June and almost two months post-Easter, but baker Jayme Davey has been up all night with his team at Orange Spot Bakery making over 1000 hot cross buns.

Since winning the title of Australia’s Best Hot Cross Bun in the national competition this year (just before nationwide COVID-19 shutdowns), the Adelaide bakery has been producing the buns for a weekly charity run. Today, it was all of the staff at Calvary Adelaide Hospital on the receiving end of Jayme’s generosity, with over 1000 buns baked and delivered.

“I didn’t think this through very well – we were baking ALL night,” Jayme laughed.

“We had a full van literally – a full van.”

Despite the exhaustion of working through the night in order to deliver the goods by 8am, Jayme was clearly riding the waves of joy that come with doing something kind for others.

“I feel really good about this,” he said.


“These people are magnificent. Given the circumstances we find ourselves in it’s just amazing that these people rock up to work every day.

“It’s exhausting for us but extremely satisfying. It’s a small cost for what I hope is everyone today just enjoying a small treat.

“You don’t get awarded Australia’s best very often, so why not?”

Over the past seven-or-so-weeks, several other charities have received a welcome delivery of Australia’s Best Hot Cross Buns, including a homeless shelter and a food relief charity.

“One that brought a tear to my eye is Puddle Jumpers,” Jayme said of the organisation which delivers food to families with children in need.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got there. I dropped off all of these hot cross buns – again, it’s bringing a tear to my eye – but I get there and they’ve got all of these tents set up and it’s got all of the bread from supermarkets from the day before that they’ve collected.

“We’re in discussions at the moment as to how we can help them properly. I do not like the thought that these kids are eating scraps.

“It’s heartbreaking; you really do realise how lucky you are.”

Looking forward though, we think Jayme’s charity runs might start featuring some other products.

“We’re very sick of hot cross buns,” he laughed.

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