Melbourne bakery issues ultimate pie challenge

Melbourne bakery issues ultimate pie challenge

An East Melbourne bakery has issued the ultimate pie challenge to customers with their ‘Tradie Slammer’, for those brave enough to take it on.

Those who dare take up the challenge at Wonderpop & Deli on Little Lonsdale Street will be taking on a pie / burger hybrid which consists of one of the popular eatery’s famous meat pies sandwiched by a brioche bun.

It might sound easy, but considering how surprisingly filling one of Wonderpop’s pies is, a burgerised (heads up Merriam-Webster, we’ve just created a new word) version is going to be a challenge to get through.

And there’s not much Wonderpop isn’t willing to try putting in a pie. The CBD deli is known for its wide variety of pies with ‘anything goes’ fillings, such as lasagne, with layers of oozing cheese, pasta, Bolognese sauce, bacon and béchamel encased in thick shortcrust pastry, as well as mac and cheese and cauliflower pies.

They also have a “pie floater” which consists of slow cooked chunky beef brisket with minted pea mash, and numerous other traditional bakery items such as sausage rolls, croissants, and sweet pastries and breads

Wonderpop’s Scottish-born chef Raymond Capaldi has worked at upscale venues such as London’s Dorchester hotel and is well-known to Melburnians for his time working at the Sofitel during the late 90s, but that doesn’t stop him coming up with incredible creations that cater to the hi-vis pie-for-brekky crowds, and giving them names that your grandmother wouldn’t be able to speak aloud (try ordering the confit duck pie called “Phuc Face” without stammering).

A quick scroll through the Wonderpop & Deli’s Instagram page where they post most of their constantly changing menu items reveals a repertoire of hearty and warming meals that look perfect for the often-temperamental Melbourne weather locals know and love (well, sometimes).

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