Mister Green Tea And Raspberry Cake

Mister Green Tea And Raspberry Cake

After a trip to Japan I was asked to do a small cake that I would personally really enjoy eating for a special occasion. I had experimented with green tea matcha for several years so thought I would give this a go. Recently, I’ve added Heilala Vanilla, which really intensifies the flavours and the texture of the mousse. – Pierrick Boyer


Makes for 24 individual cakes


Black sesame seed shortcrust

130g unsalted butter
2g salt
55g icing sugar
55g almond meal
120g plain flour
12g black sesame
60g egg yolks

Raspberry cream

300g whole eggs
540g caster sugar
300g raspberry puree
60g lemon juice
8g gelatine
300g unsalted butter

Green tea cream

375g cream
375g whole milk
15g green tea powder
175g caster sugar
175g egg yolk
45g corn flour
15g gelatine sheet
250g unsalted butter

Green tea white chocolate mousse

875g white chocolate
250g thicken cream
3 vanilla beans
35g green tea powder
10g gelatine sheet
750g whipped cream

Chocolate spray

200g white chocolate
175g cocoa butter
5g green chocolate colorant

Raspberry jam

400g raspberry
200g raw sugar
4g cinnamon powder


Black sesame seed shortcrust

1 In a mixing bowl with a paddle, mix the room temperature butter, salt and icing sugar;

2 when smooth, add the almond meal, flour and black sesame

3 Add the egg yolks last

4 Flatten the dough and reserve in the fridge. Flatten to 3mm for the tarts

5 Cut to desired length and bake until golden brown

6 reserve in a cool place, and have it ready when you finish the dessert

Raspberry cream

1 whisk, eggs and sugar, while boiling the raspberry puree

2 Boil the mix together and cook on the stove

3 Add the soften gelatine and lime juice, then emulsify with the butter

Green tea cream

1 Whisk, egg yolk, sugar and corn flour while boiling the cream,milk and green tea powder

2 Boil mix together and cook on the stove

3 Add the soften gelatine, then emulsify with the butter

4 Pour in the small round Flexipan sphere, or lie flat on a tray at 0.5cm thickness

Green tea white chocolate mousse

1 Soften the gelatine in cold water and warm up

2 Melt the white chocolate; boil the cream, vanilla and greentea powder, then add the melted gelatine to the mix. Keep this mixture at 50°C when adding the whipped cream

3 Whip the cream to a soft peak consistence

Chocolate spray

1 Warm cocoa butter in microwave and pour over the white chocolate and green chocolate powder

2 Using a bamix blender, ensure food colouring is well mixed

3 Spray over the frozen cake when mixture is at 29°C

Raspberry jam

1 Place all ingredients in a pot and bring to the boil

2 Consistently stir until it’s thick, and until temperature reaches105°C

3 Cool down and pipe on the sprayed cake

4 Garnish with gold leaf

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