Muffin Break Pledges ‘no Extra Charge For Soy

Muffin Break Pledges ‘no Extra Charge For Soy

In a market that typically sees consumers charged up to 60 additional cents for soy milk per cup of coffee, Muffin Break has announced it will not markup soy-based coffee products across its 185 cafés.

The move comes after Muffin Break commissioned an independent survey in January, the results of which indicate one in four Australian coffee drinkers would definitely consider switching to soy milk if it incurred no added cost. The research suggests Generation Y in particular is interested in switching to soy, with 35 per cent of those surveyed stating they would be more likely to make the change to the dairy-alternative if not for the surcharge.

Of those surveyed who currently take soy milk in their coffee, more than one quarter stated they choose soy because they consider it more ‘trendy’ than dairy, while 64 per cent drink soy for dietary requirements.

Muffin Break national brand manager John Macphail said all coffee-lovers should be able to enjoy the company’s freshly-ground coffee regardless of preference in milk-type.

“Some may say the industrystandard soy milk surcharge is justified given the cost of soy in comparison to regular milk, but the undeniablyexistent frustration of having no option but to pay more for soy coffee – especially when non-soy milk isn’t an option for health reasons – is just as understandable,” John said.

Coffee currently accounts for 50 per cent of Muffin Break’s total sales and more than 70,000 units of soy-based milk products were sold by Muffin Break last year.

Barista-quality Vitasoy Soymilk is the only brand of soy used in Muffin Break coffee, which is made by trained baristas.

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