Meet Instagram’s newest pastry hybrid star

Meet Instagram’s newest pastry hybrid star

Meet the brioche feuilletée, what could be Instagram’s newest pastry hybrid star.
Maison Nico, a new San Francisco market and cafe from the owners of Michelin-starred French restaurant Nico, posted photos of the flaky, golden new creation on Instagram, launching a surge of interest in the limited pastry. The brioche feuilletée has only been available at three pop-ups so far, and is not commonly found in the United States.

Brioche feuilletée is a caramelised, buttery, flaky French pastry. Like a bready kouign amann; it has a flaky, buttery texture achieved through a lamination process similar to croissants.

Chronicle food critic Soleil Ho tried one of the pastries and said: “The feuillettée is made with thin and flaky layers of brioche dough that ripple together,” she said. “A light sugar glaze seizes the layers together, granting them a sweet crunchiness. Its interior has a bready heftiness and is chewy, but not tough. Slice it and dip into your morning tea or coffee for best results.”

Chef Nicolas developed his own brioche feuilletée since no one else was serving them in San Francisco with a slight twist on the classic: he uses some levain in the dough instead of just yeast, giving the loaf a more complex flavour.

With it’s layers and swirls, as well as its golden-brown baked top, the pastry is perfect for food Instagrammers who love a photogenic food. Pastry hybrids such as the cruffin (croissant/muffin), cronut (croissant/doughnut) and even a croissant/pie continue to be popular products on the ‘gram, as are new and unique flavour variations.

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