Lindt launches exclusive new Australian collection

Lindt launches exclusive new Australian collection

Lovers of quality chocolate will be pleased to know that on July 27, Lindt launched a delectable exclusive new Australian range, the Lindt Artisan Collection.

Consisting of the Chocolate Block Collection, Assorted Pralines Box and collection of Chocolate Coated Products, such as nuts and honeycomb, chocolates from the Lindt Artisan Collection make the perfect gift, entertaining option or a delectable treat you will not want to share.

Lindt is proud to launch a unique and exclusive Artisan Range in Australia with perfectly paired Australian flavours. The Swiss chocolate brand recently celebrated 175 years of chocolate making, available in Australia for almost a quarter of a century.

It comes as Australia is amongst the 10 countries with the highest consumption of chocolate per capita globally, so as chocolate connoisseurs, this new Artisan Collection will cater perfectly for Australian chocolate lovers.

Michael Schai, CEO of Lindt Australia says, “Australians have shown incredible loyalty to the Lindt & Sprüngli brand. We are thrilled to have produced a range of chocolate that is exemplary of the experienced artisans who have crafted this range. Our own Melbourne based Maître Chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler and his team have created the unique recipes that make up the decadent range, which are produced in our specialised facility in Sydney.

“We are very excited to release Lindt’s luxurious Artisan Collection, encompassing interesting flavour combinations whilst maintaining the classic and luxuriously smooth texture of Lindt chocolate.”

The Artisan Block Collection features seven flavours including White Chocolate with Pistachio & Rose, Dark Chocolate with Caramel & Salt and Milk Chocolate with Pecan & Orange.  The Panned Collection also includes seven varieties including Milk Chocolate Honeycomb, White Chocolate Macadamias and Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts.

The Lindt Artisan Collection can be exclusively purchased from Lindt Chocolate Shops and Cafés as well as from the Lindt Australia website, conveniently delivered to your home.

Lindt & Sprüngli embrace their unique Swiss heritage for chocolate making, combining unrivalled craftsmanship with high-quality ingredients. Since 1845 Lindt has pioneered the premium chocolate market and mastered the art of gourmet chocolate making using innovative practices and proprietary technology to deliver premium, gourmet chocolate.

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