Spot Australia’s best hot cross bun

Spot Australia’s best hot cross bun

While many of the baking industry’s top shows have been unfortunately cancelled or postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the annual ‘Australia’s Best Hot Cross Bun’ competition just managed to slip through before the major shutdowns started.

This year, Orange Spot Bakery in Glenelg, Adelaide, took the prize home. While Jayme Davey of Orange Spot isn’t willing to give up his secret (“it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you!”), he does have some advice on producing a tasty bun.

“Plenty of fruit, and a decent size,” he says.

“A good volume of hot cross bun; something you can really chomp down on. Some of them you see in supermarkets are substantially smaller, sort of snack size, and it’s just not satisfying. You want something you can really put some butter on and enjoy.”

When it comes to settling on a great recipe to enter in the competition, Jayme says they work for months fine-tuning it, and rely on customer feedback to give the people what they really want. And, in Adelaide, bakers have an extra weapon in their arsenal for constructive feedback!

“We’re very fortunate here in Adelaide,” he explains.

“A group of ladies that describe themselves as ‘The Bun Club’— they’re very prominent on social media—and we get them down early every year to sample the buns and give us the feedback; good, bad or indifferent.

“They’ve been excellent, and they’re not backwards in being forward… if they don’t like it, they’ll tell you!

“They just love eating buns and are a great resource to bakers in the SA community.”

When it comes to hot cross bun varieties, Jayme says Orange Spot Bakery sticks to what works best and sells traditional fruit only.

“Keep it simple,” he says.

And while Jayme may be an award-winning baker, it turns out he’s an even better husband. With the competition falling on his wedding anniversary, he chose to skip the adulation of the awards ceremony and spend the evening with his wife instead.

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