Celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a Royal ...

Celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a Royal sponge

For most Australian states and territories, today is the day we officially celebrate the Queen’s Birthday (AKA have a nice day off and a long weekend). Whether you’re a monarchist or not, we can all agree that nothing beats a fresh sponge cake, and fortunately, the Royal chefs have kindly shared their go-to recipe for the perfect Victoria Sponge Cake.

The Palace shared a little bit about the history of the famous sponge alongside the recipe and a video tutorial (which is as British as can be with blue and white CorningWare dishes)  on its official Instagram account, where they’ve been sharing recipes on a regular basis since coronavirus lockdown started.

With the traditional garden parties hosted at Buckingham Palace each year unable to go ahead as usual, this recipe will enable would-be guests to still experience a slice of Queen Victoria’s favourite.

“The Victoria Sponge was named after Queen Victoria, who regularly ate a slice of sponge cake with her tea, each afternoon!

“To mark Royal Garden Parties, Buckingham Palace Pastry Chef’s are delighted to share this traditional recipe with you.”

With two light and fluffy sponge layers – a feat which was apparently difficult to achieve during Queen Victoria’s reign, as baking powder had not yet been invented – sandwiching strawberry or raspberry jam and a thick layer of buttercream, it’s easy to see what makes this dessert so popular.



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