Improve Your Bread With Vacuum-Cooling Technology

Improve Your Bread With Vacuum-Cooling Technology

Vacuum-cooling technology from Aston Food has finally come to maturity and presents itself as the technology of the future. Developed in Switzerland, the system is price-effective and increases quality. It requires the same space as a rack oven (four sq m). Aston Foods developed a vacuum system that is not simply generated but controlled with elaborate electronics and complex software.

Vacuum cooling uses evaporation enthalpy. The water starts to evaporate with increased negative pressure. Evaporation causes the products to cool in a natural and physical way. The quality of the baked goods can therefore be increased. Improved agglutination, optimal structure of the crumb/crust, keeping fresh for longer, reduced aw values, slowing down retro gradation, increasing volumes and stability of baked goods are just a few of the quality benefits.

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