Butter-Puff Pastry And Sweet-Short Pastry

Butter-Puff Pastry And Sweet-Short Pastry

TGA Pastry is a long-standing pastry manufacturer on the Gold Coast that works closely with its customers to ensure ultimate satisfaction. The aim is to provide convenient, easy-to-handle pastry products that reduce preparation time and overall costs.

TGA Pastry produces consistent unbaked butter puff using New Zealand butter and sweet pastry in bulk slab form which provides a quality outsourced product for small-to-medium pastry kitchens looking to increase convenience and productivity, and decrease preparation, handling and costs.

Premium butter is laminated 144 times to create a product that has excellent lift and structure. You can produce superior baked products that will exhibit a rich butter aroma, flaky mouth feel and proper taste. The butter-puff pastry is available in three kilogram slabs ($19.95) and sweet-short pastry in six kilogram slab ($26).

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