Gluten Free Puff Pastry

Using Well and Good High Performance Puff Pastry Flour


Stage 1 – pastry

1kg High Performance Puff Pastry Flour
150g margarine nuggets (medium/soft)
650ml water (20 -24°C):

Stage 2 – margarine

100g High Performance Pastry Flour:
500g margarine nuggets (medium/soft):
25 – 50ml water (20-24°C):



Mix all ingredients for five minutes on second speed, ensuring that all  margarine lumps are well mixed in.

Rest dough (minimum one hour).


Mix ingredients until well combined. Block into a rectangle.

Folding process

Open the Stage 1 pastry and spread into a large square. Place the Stage 2 pastry in the centre and cover/wrap with other dough.

Roll out the block; rotating by 90° between folds to work the dough evenly and avoid excessive shrinkage.

Perform one half turn, one book fold and then two half turns. 4 Bake pastry at 240°C for 17-19 minutes

For the successful dispersion of fat into the pastry; both should be of similar consistency/pliability. For better control, do not use more than five kilogram blocks of pastry and 1.5kg of margarine at a time. If stored in the refrigerator; allow to return to room temperature before re-use.


This recipe is by Well & Good

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