Food Manufacturer Turns Waste To Biogas

Food Manufacturer Turns Waste To Biogas

One of Brisbane’s oldest family owned businesses is leading the charge to reduce manufacturing waste with the installation of a high-rate anaerobic digestor and co-generation plant which converts the firm’s waste into biogas for use within their factory.

Carole Park-based Trisco Foods’ manufacturing and production process of vats being cleaned after each use produces large volumes of water high in sugars. Traditionally the firm relied on costly downstream treatment facilities.

Trisco chief operating officer, Mike Tristram said the firm had implemented a range of water-saving initiatives, including a comprehensive water efficiency management plan (WEMP), but wanted a system which further reduced their reliance on external resources and facilities.

He said the fact that the firm’s waste had a high potential to produce biogas provided the basis for the decision to investigate a co-generation plant.

“We investigated a range of solutions to reduce the waste stream but, ultimately decided a small-scale anaerobic recycling plant was the most effective way as it not only dealt with the waste but converted it into biogas,” he said.

“We fully expect waste treatment charges will continue to increase and at the same time it is expected customers will become increasingly interested in sourcing suppliers with green credentials.

“While it has been complex and expensive undertaking we are confident the plant will pay a fundamental role in our future success.”

The plant was built with the assistance of a Federal Government Re-tooling for Climate Change grant and University of Queensland’s commercialisation unit UniQuest.

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