Cookie Partnership Moves To Next Level

Cookie Partnership Moves To Next Level

Life is sweet for husband-and-wife entrepreneurs, Ken Mahlab and Jacky Magid after recently relocating their cookie business to a new, larger factory in Melbourne.

Together they run Charlie’s Cookies, a boutique cookie brand that specialises in “bringing little pleasures into everyday life”.

Mrs Magid was honoured as Manufacturing Representative of the Year at the Foodservice Industry Awards of Excellence in late 2010.

“The secret is to break up the roles,” Mrs Magid said. “So, Ken does the washing and folding and I put it away!”

Mr Mahlab and Mrs Magid work side-by-side to bring a range of gourmet treats to both the food service industry and the consumer market.

“At Charlie’s we believe that life’s short, so you should take your pleasure seriously,” Mrs Magid said. “I’ve used that same philosophy in my career.”

“We’re still working hard but we don’t mind the long hours, because we’re spending time together to put joy into people’s lives, one bite at a time.”

In 2004 Mr Mahlab left the corporate world to purchase a local cookie shop that had fallen into administration. Corporate lawyer Mrs Magid joined the company in 2007 as sales and marketing director.

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