First impressions last

Chef Works Australia helps businesses put their best foot forward by providing uniforms that are comfortable and functional First impressions —uniforms that give staff members confidence, and unite the team. This year, they’re launching their 2018 uniform collection at Fine Food.

Get ready for over 250 new cutting-edge styles, inspired by tales of open flames, renegade chefs and underground supper clubs. Ever respecting the balance of form and functionality, Chef Works has found a way to set a new standard in style yet again.

This is the biggest product launch for Chef Works Australia First impressions and it carries with it a raft of innovations, exciting new styles, new fabrics, and unique design elements. The launch will unveil new styles like the Berkeley and Uptown Aprons, which feature cross back straps to alleviate and redistribute weight from the neck—taking much-needed pressure off staff during high-pressure shifts. New fabric washes include faded chambray to waxed olive, and statement-making suspenders give the wearer new choices—go bold or blend in, it’s up to you.

With a new approach to fit, the Chef Works 2018 Collection features more streamlined silhouettes, curve-hugging jackets, and tailored apparel, offering style without compromising durability.

Visit Chef Works Australia for more information.

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