Easter Window Revives Childrens Classic

Easter Window Revives Childrens Classic

An impressive 130kg of chocolate decorated Cacao’s shop window during the Easter period, featuring nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty.

The massive dark chocolate construction was 120cm tall and sat on an entirely edible red brick wall. The display also featured Humpty’s ‘great fall’, where he was surrounded by ‘all the kings horses and all the kings men’; made of the Cacao’s latest range of colourful chocolate bunnies and chickens.

Cacao head chocolatier Tim Clark said the team had a lot of fun recreating an old childhood story in this year’s window.

“It’s always wonderful bringing a fairytale to life, especially when it’s a classic character like Humpty whose story is known and loved by many generations,” Tim said.

The decorative scene will remain in Cacao’s flagship store in St Kilda until mid-April.

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