Cube’s the word at The Wheat House

Cube’s the word at The Wheat House

six cube-shaped croissants on square plates sitting on a wooden bench (The Wheat House)

Last month saw the opening of a new bakery in Brisbane. Based in Runcorn, The Wheat House is an Asian bakery that specialises in sweet and savoury pastries and bread. The bakery is currently garnering a lot of interest from customers due to its perfectly cube-shaped foods, in particular croissants and bread.

The cubed loaves of bread come in a range of tasty options, including milk bread, coconut, taro, and plain white bread.

The cube croissants at The Wheat House are all beautifully decorated, with iced tops and a crispy, butter outer layer. More than this, they are all packed full of flavoured custards – classic flavours like chocolate, caramel, and strawberry as well as typical Asian flavours like matcha and taro.

The bakery also offers traditional croissants that take on a more typical shape and come in flavours like ham and cheese, black sesame, almond, and pork floss and taro.

The Wheat House’s opening comes at a time when cube croissants are once again sweeping the internet. Thanks to a new TikTok trend that really picked up in London, the cube croissant is once again a favourite.  London bakery Le Deli Robuchon kicked things off, with its ‘Le Cube’, which customers of the bakery are willing to wait over an hour and a half for the pastries.

Although nothing like what is happening at Le Deli Robuchon, since opening in March, The Wheat House has had many enthusiastic visitors, with people queuing out the door during the day to pick up their baked goods.

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