Cream cheese that looks as good as it tastes

Cream cheese that looks as good as it tastes

Regardless of whether you’re making scones or muffins, cheesecakes or rich gateaux, tartlets or cookies Cream cheese that looks as good as it tastes, it’s imperative that your bakery items present as attractively as they taste. To ensure this, you need to choose quality ingredients you can rely on for consistent quality.

Anchor Cream Cheese from Fonterra Foodservice is a case in point. Specially developed for bakery and patisserie applications, its deliciously mild, subtle flavour makes it the ideal ingredient across both sweet and savoury product lines—while still delivering all the firmness and holding power you need from a cream cheese.

“Anchor Cream Cheese’s flavour profile and texture has been carefully developed for ‘universal’ application,” says Alastair McCausland from Fonterra’s Foodservice Team. “It has a smooth, creamy texture, but also delivers the firmness you need to ensure perfect presentation.”

Anchor Cream Cheese is the perfect ingredient to add flavour to flaky pastry, blueberry pastry puffs or cherry turnovers; as frosting for berry tartlets, eclairs or individual-serve cakes; as a filling within muffins and scones; and a way to add a contemporary flavour twist to banana bread.

Its mild flavour makes it equally suitable as a savoury filling for pasties, triangles and similar, and as a base ingredient for the creation of sauces, dips and spreads.

Anchor Cream Cheese blends beautifully with other ingredients, while its holding power ensures it consistently delivers the performance required for such applications as cheesecakes and rich gateaux.

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