Macaron Master Comes to Sbs

Master patissier Adriano Zumbo’s new SBS television series, Zumbo started in February.

The new observational documentary series delivers a mix of behind-the-scenes kitchen reality and cast-driven story lines as Mr Zumbo and his team bring his famous creations to life in pursuit of dessert perfection.

In each half-hour episode, Mr Zumbo, 29, and his young team reveals the challenges of running one of Sydney’s busiest kitchens. Some desserts take hours to create, others take weeks. According to SBS, Adriano taste tests and judges every creation and if it’s not perfect, it goes in the bin.

Throughout the series viewers will be treated to an insight into Mr Zumbo’s busy life as one of Australia’s leading dessert and pastry chefs. Viewers will see Adriano creating more than 60 new flavours of his signature dish – macarons – in just five days. According to SBS, Mr Zumbo turns his Balmain kitchen “upside down” to create the largest ever range of macarons Australia has even seen. In this daunting task, Adriano and his team create flavours ranging from pigs blood and chocolate, to hamburger and 23 carat-edible-gold.

Mr Zumbo also returns to his family roots by visiting Coonamble in country New South Wales, revealing Adriano’s family and personal life.
The shows also sees the launch of his new summer range of desserts, ‘Summer Love’, in a catwalk display.

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