Clean Eating’ Trend to Inspire Back-To-Basic...

Clean Eating’ Trend to Inspire Back-To-Basics Product Development

Clean Eating Trend to Inspire Back-To-Basics Product Development

We’ve released our annual Top 10 Trends for 2016 research, throwing a spotlight on better-for-you products and confirming health will continue its time in the limelight long into the new year.

Clean and clear labelling, and ‘free-from’ foods have all gained traction and moved on to the next level during 2015. Nonetheless, a number of new trends have emerged and look to cement themselves in the market in the new year.

For baking business, the most note-worthy of these include, but are not limited to, the rise of the part-time vegetarian, consumer interest in a return to old-fashioned food processes, ‘permissible’ indulgence, and what consumers perceive as ‘real’ food.

Organic Growth for Clear Label

“Clear label” established itself as a key trend in 2015, with greater transparency and the focus on simpler products with fewer artificial additives taking “clean label” to the next level.

The biggest surge in NPD has been reported in organic products, indicating that this will be a key platform going forward in the short-term, although the challenges involved may result in more beneficial platforms for clear label in the longer term.

Free-From for All

Many consumers don’t actually need products that are free from gluten, wheat and dairy, but are demanding them anyway, as they believe them to be healthier. Industry has little choice but to respond and the recent surge in mainstream gluten free products has been incredible. Other free-from platforms are also gathering pace.

The Flexitarian Effect

The rise of part-time vegetarians, who have reduced their meat consumption because of health, sustainability and animal welfare concerns, is having a major impact on new product activity. This includes the technological development and promotion of better-tasting products more reminiscent of meat, as well as the use of alternative protein sources and more animal-friendly processes.

Processing the Natural Way

Established clean eating food-processing practices that have been around for centuries are in the spotlight. They bring with them a natural and authentic image to counteract some of the negative perceptions of heavily processed foods. The health benefits of fermented foods are seeing increasing awareness among western consumers. Newer technologies such as high pressure processing may also succeed if they are seen as a fresh alternative to using preservatives.

Of course, there are other trends to watch in 2016, including a focus on vegetables, small players, and tastes for new experiences. Watch this space to hear how the global market responds to these trends throughout the next 12 months.

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