Chocolate Haute Couture Returns

The world’s largest annual chocolate trade show once again combined fine fashion with some of the most innovative and talented chocolatiers in the world to create one-of-a- kind wearable masterpieces.

During its 2013 edition, which was held from October 30 through to November 3, the Salon du Chocolat attracted more than 130,000 visitors to 20,000sq m of exhibition space.

The event, which this year will celebrate its 20th anniversary, focused on the theme, “the magic of chocolate”.

“Through exciting events – conferences, exhibits, the famous Chocolate Fashion Show, chefs demonstrations – the Salon du Chocolate highlighted this magic potion that enchants all of us,” a spokesperson for the trade show said.

“Cocoa experts, iconic brands, artisans, historians, authors, pastry chefs, they all share their experience to enlighten visitors about the symbolism of chocolate and its regressive dimension.”

A popular event on the international food calendar, the Salon Du Chocolate hosted more than 550 participants, including more than 200 pastry chefs and chefs from around the world.

Among the event’s new additions was a hall devoted to artisanal confectionery and sweet treats.

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