Chocolate cream filling

Peerless Foods EOI Recipe

Ganache can be used as a set ganache or melted in a bain marie again and used for pouring. The amount of Solite Ganache can be adjusted to taste.


Chocolate cream filling:

2kg EOI Solite
2kg icing sugar
4kg Solite Ganache
800ml water

Solite chocolate ganache: 

2.5kg dark chocolate
2kg EOI Solite


For Solite chocolate ganache

1. Melt chocolate in bain marie.

2. Add EOI Solite and whisk by hand until combined.

For chocolate cream filling

1. Aerate EOI Solite and icing sugar for approximately 15 min, or until light.

2. Add Solite ganache and aerate until light (about 10 min).

3. Add water gradually, over 5 minutes.

Recipe courtesy of EOI Bakery.

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