Charity bakery washed away before it could open

Charity bakery washed away before it could open

A brand-new charity bakery in Brisbane has been washed away in flood waters before it could even open for the first time.

Chef Jerome Dalton, who runs an elite catering company, was just about to open The Baking Bunch in Newmarket, “a beautiful space for kids with disabilities to cook and enjoy”, but it got washed away in the floods that have devastated South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales this week.

“Over the last 10 months we have built a new production kitchen at our Greenfield site in Newmarket. We commissioned the site and commenced working at the site 20th February 2022,” he said.

“As of the 27th February 2022, the site flooded. We have lost everything and the entire production kitchen will require renovation. We welcome any donations to rebuild.

“We were looking forward to opening in the upcoming months but because this location has been inundated with water—all our efforts have now been reversed.”

Just one week ago, Jerome had posted to the bakery’s Instagram page about the progress of the fit-out, saying, “We are getting close now. Opening date coming soon! Watch this space.”

Thanks to community efforts, The Baking Bunch in Finsbury Street is now clean, however every fridge, freezer and oven needs to be replaced. Donations to the registered charity can be made via 

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