Camel Chocolate

Camel farmer Yasmin Brisbane has teamed up with Michael Buckley from Freeze Dry Industries and Sunshine Coast chocolatier Brigid Woolnough to offer chocolate made with camel milk. Yasmin milks the camels at her farm Q Camel, Michael freeze-dries it into a power and Brigid uses the powder to make praline.

“The camel milk is actually at the centre of the chocolates,” Brigid told “I cast a shell that has a dark chocolate on it that’s dairy-free already and then we make a ganache using the powder.”

She said camel milk, “definitely has a unique taste. It’s not pungent; it’s sort of salty—a bit sweet.”

The chocolates come in three flavours: praline, lemon myrtle, and macadamia.

Yasmin said, “We’ve had a lot of interest from the overseas market for the chocolates—particularly because there’s only one other company in the world that makes camel milk chocolates.”

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