Brasserie Bread celebrates 25 years of artisan bak...

Brasserie Bread celebrates 25 years of artisan baking

Australian bakery Brasserie Bread is proudly celebrating 25 years of artisan baking in 2020.

Where it all started

In 1995, long before sourdough was the bread du jour on Australian tables, Danish-born chef, Michael Klausen, alongside Tony Papas (Allpress Espresso), was keen to serve authentic sourdough at iconic Sydney restaurant, Bayswater Brasserie. With little on offer, they set out to create their own.

The duo baked their first sourdough loaf (the ‘Bakers Round’) in Sydney in 1995. With a chewy crust, comforting density and distinctive flavour, word soon got around Sydney’s high-end restaurants and before long Brasserie Bread was the talk of the town!

Demand for the sourdough was so great that in 2000, Brasserie Bread launched its first commercial bakery in Sydney, followed by expansion into Victoria in 2011 and Queensland in 2016.

“I’m thrilled to be celebrating our 25th birthday this year and would like to thank all our partners and teams who have been with us on this incredible journey,” Mr Klausen said.

Brasserie Bread in 2020

Brasserie Bread’s commitment to baking authentic, artisan sourdough continues today as the award-winning bakery delivers fresh bread and pastries to thousands of businesses across ACT, NSW, Qld and Vic 365 days per year. Brasserie Bread works closely with a supply circle of wheat farmers, flour mills and provenance-driven suppliers to source single origin Australian flour which is baked into every loaf of sourdough.

Navigating COVID

It goes without saying, the heartbreaking effects of COVID-19 have proven extraordinarily challenging for Brasserie Bread and their valued partners in the café, restaurant and catering industries.

With careful navigation, Brasserie Bread has managed to weather the storm as it continues to work closely with valued wholesale partners in providing the right bakery solutions for their businesses.

On a consumer level, the upside has been a renaissance or discovery for first-timers of home baking and, in particular, sourdough baking.

Suddenly, feeding and nurturing one’s sourdough starter is as common as watering the plants and has become part of Australia’s culinary vernacular.

Brasserie Bread has enjoyed providing tips, hacks and tutorials around all things sourdough starters and baking via its social media and online channels.

In response to COVID-19, Brasserie Bread also launched their first online store in Sydney.

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