Big steps forward for Batch Cookie Bar

A cooling rack full of artisanal cookies (Batch Cookie Bar)

The bakery formerly known as Ginger’s Kitchen is stepping into its newly formed identity, Batch Cookie Bar, with purpose in 2023.

When Ginger Mendoza and her partner Soren Anderson launched the brand in 2019, it was very different from the identity that it took on at the end of 2022. In 2019, the focus of the store was still principally on small-batch artisan cookies, but the brand also placed a heavy emphasis on exciting cakes.

Ginger has a wide range of experience cooking and baking around the world as a private chef on superyachts. She translated these skills to what is now Batch Cookie Bar.

The bakery has a rotating menu of small-batch cookies, with new flavours being announced each month. With a permanent kiosk located in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Brisbane, several regular locations at markets around the city, and pop-ups that come and go with the seasons, Batch Cookie Bar has amassed a loyal and enthusiastic following of fans. What’s more, the bakery ships Australia wide, meaning there’s no limit to their fans.

And now, on the heels of this success, the brand is determined to start 2023 on the right note.

A new bake-in-store location for Batch Cookie Bar is slated for the coming months. A location which the team intend to use as a flagship store and in-house bakery.

“We are so excited to be moving into our new HQ,” the brand said on social media.

“We are even more excited that we would finally be able to serve great coffee, epic thick shakes, ice cream… and launching our little sis brand @lunarpiesau at this location.”

The new flagship location is set to launch some time in March, and, as Batch mentioned on Instagram, its new sister store Lunar Pies will be based out of the shop as well.

The brand was also excited to announce that it ‘finally’ has its own branded packaging to sell its products in.

Batch writes in a social media post, “Trust me, we’ve wanted [this] from day 1… but we just didn’t have the financial capacity to have them as a small business. We have bootstrapped everything and have just reinvested in making our little baby @batchcookiebar better, tastier, and cuter.”

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  1. Ginger

    20 February

    Thanks guys for the great write up! We look forward to seeing you when we open!

    Ginger and Soren and the team

  2. Claire

    20 February

    The best cookies in the world!
    I can’t wait to try the lunar pies !

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