Beef up

There are plenty of new-age ways to get your protein fix after a workout, one being lean red meat.

Garlo’s Pies has teamed up with NextGen Fitness Ryde and Camperdown Fitness to trial the epic Muscle Pie – a lean and mean beef pie, chock-full of protein.

The Muscle Pie has a whopping 26.4g of protein in each service, as well as offering plenty of carbs for those looking to beef up.

Comparatively, the average protein bar has approximately 20g of protein and isn’t necessarily the tastiest option.

Former NRL player and managing director of Garlo’s Pies saw this as an opportunity to provide Australians with a delicious alternative to typical options found in gyms.

“Everybody knows red meat is a brilliant source of protein – but to bring and cook a slab of beef up at the gym isn’t the easiest thing to do,” he said.

“The Muscle Pie is simply a convenient and tasty way to bulk up.

“By partnering with these excellent Sydney gyms I believe this pie is in the best possible position to reach the right audiences.”

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