Baking With Preferments

The Southern Cross Baking Group has announced a live and interactive bread-baking workshop as its first master class of 2013.

Will McPhail – team coach for the Australian Baking Team for the Louis Lesaffre Cup in 2011 and the IBA cup in 2012 – and his head baker Peter Brennan will present An Introduction to Baking using Preferments in March.

“At the end of this class you will have the knowledge to start and maintain a sourdough culture, and use it to produce sourdough and ciabatta,” Will said.

“The class is geared towards those working in professional baking environment, but most hobbyists and home bakers and bakers who want to expand their products will also benefit from the demonstration.”

The pair will demonstrate the two most common breads made with preferments; a basic sourdough bread using a sourdough preferment and a ciabatta using a polish preferment.

The master class will take place at the Bakels Test Bakery in Underwood, Brisbane, on March 5, 2013. Contact Southern Cross Baking Group for more information.

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