Baking sourdough? There’s an app for that

Baking sourdough? There’s an app for that

Baking sourdough? There’s an app for that

Artisan baker Boris Gaspar, along with IT programming brother Kon, has launched sourdough-baking app Bread Boss. The app contains everything you need to know about creating or developing the perfect sourdough loaf.

Bread Boss came together when Boris was teaching Kon how to make sourdough. Kon was using a spreadsheet to calculate bakers percentages into a recipe he could use at home. It wasn’t long until Boris urged Kon to use his IT skills to develop the spreadsheet into an app.

Kon developed the app to include a set of alarms to sound at different stages of the sourdough-making process. “My biggest problem was always remembering to do the next step at the right time. Suddenly I’d realise that I’d gone an hour over the bulk fermentation time and have to call Boris for instructions on how to recover the situation.”

As well as guiding the home baker, Bread Boss is an ideal tool for professional bakers to develop new products of their own. Bakers can record notes, dates, descriptions and even photographs to tweak recipes in the development stage.

Boris and Kon built the app over three years. It now contains recipes, scaling tools, reminder alarms, weight and percentage conversions plus, you can alter and share recipes with other Bread Boss users.

“We’ve had great feedback,” said Boris. “We have people using it all around the world on every habitable continent, including Africa.”

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