Baking Industry Welcomes A New Age

The Baking Association of Australia (BAA) is doing its part to make sure the industry stays in safe hands by establishing a national mentoring group, in conjunction with Friends of the BAA.

Executive officer Tony Smith said the BAA’s national board and state councils were keen to engage younger generations in the baking industry.

“All groups have worked very hard in the past few months engaging the mentors in state events such as regional baking shows, the excellence in baking competition for apprentices and LA Judge,” Tony said.

“The mentors in each state will work closely with apprentices, encouraging them in their trade and also helping with competitions. The Friends of the BAA Facebook page is a great way for everyone to communicate about events, competitions and so on.”

The association’s national president Stewart Latter said many leaders within the industry are ageing and that it’s time to foster new talent.

“We are not getting any younger and if we have this passion from the youth of our industry already, then we should embrace it and encourage it,” he said.

The BAA state and territory mentors are: Queensland: Geoff Brinkley Northern Territory: Chris FieldNew South Wales: Skye Masters, Morgan Clementson and Steph WehrmannVictoria: John Leontiades and StaceyFong Tasmania: Jenni Benbow and Matthew Dalton South Australia: Matthew Thorpe Western Australia: Chris Kirkpatrick and Tommy Nugyen.

Contact Tony at the BAA for more information on the association’s mentorship program.

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