Bakery Owner Discovers Artisan Power

Bakery Owner Discovers Artisan Power

A north Queensland bakery owner has combined artisan training with specialised equipment to invigorate his new business.

Sibby’s Bakehouse owner Sibby Scarcella was unfamiliar with artisan breads when he first opened his business but has been brought up to scratch by Cairns TAFE bakery teacher Nevon Sachse.

Nevon said he worked with Sibby and his apprentices on artisan doughs in the hopes of broadening knowledge within the industry.

“He came to TAFE first and we showed him what could happen, and then he returned when his place was fully operational. When his equipment was up to speed he went to work on putting it into practice,” Nevon told Australian Baking Business.

The TAFE teacher spent three days with Sibby teaching his staff how to make sourdough ciabattas, rye breads and brioche.

“Apparently, what he’s shown us is only the tip of sourdoughs, so there’s lots to learn and we’re still learning,” Sibby said.

The business opened in Innisfail last year with specialised artisan equipment supplied by International Bakery Equipment, including mixers, ovens and provers for producing long-fermentation doughs.

Having only just been introduced to the style of bread, 40-year-old Sibby believes more effort should be made to teach artisan breads to students coming into the trade.

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