Bakery ‘bean poll’ set to predict Fede...

Bakery ‘bean poll’ set to predict Federal Election results

Australia, get ready to cast your beans as Muffin Break launches its Unofficial Election Bean Poll in the lead up to the May 21 Australian Federal Election.

Since its launch in 2007, Muffin Break’s Bean Poll has predicted the election results with 100 per cent accuracy, and with this year’s federal election being announced on May 21, the Bean Poll will be in the running for its sixth consecutive successful forecast.

Muffin Break General Manager Natalie Brennan said, “For the past five federal elections, the Bean Poll has accurately picked the ‘Topbeans’ from the ‘Wannabeans’ and the ‘Hasbeans’, and we’re expecting this year to be no exception!

“The Bean Poll always attracts an overwhelming response from our customers, and the 100% accuracy rate reinforces its role as the voice of the nation. We’re very excited to bring this fun Muffin Break tradition back once again.”

Muffin Break has over 170 stores nationally, stretching from suburbia to regional towns right across Australia, with this reach proving to truly reflect the voice of the country’s residents. From April 12 to May 20, 2022, every customer who purchases a coffee at a Muffin Break store will receive a bean to cast their vote for the party of their choice—all while enjoying a barista made coffee and fresh baked muffin.

“It’s great for customers to get involved in the election and have their political say in a fun and relaxed environment. This campaign always encourages discussion of the ‘big issues’, all with a bit of lighthearted enjoyment.”

Every bean counts! Voting closes on May 20, 2022, with results being posted to Muffin Break’s Facebook Page the evening before the official election, so pop into your local Muffin Break store to cast your bean.

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