Baker Turns Glenorie Into Tourist Destination

Baker Turns Glenorie Into Tourist Destination

New South Wales-based Glenorie Bakery won the restaurant and catering section of the Greater Sydney Tourism Awards in July.

The bakery was selected by a panel of 12 judges for its efforts attracting tourists to the Glenorie region.

Glenorie Bakery and Outback Bakehouse owner, Rob Pirina said the bakery held many fundraising events supporting charities such as the Children’s Hospital West Mead, the Salvation Army’s Kids Choir and Father Chris Riley’s Youth off the Street program.

“We’ve done all these events and what it’s done it for us, which I think every small business should take on board, is it’s given us a massive platform within the local community and it’s spread throughout Sydney. The tourism’s just followed that. We’ve never (targeted) tourism and that’s just the bit that surprised me,” Mr Pirina told Australian Baking Business.

Mr Pirina said he is passionate about his business and creating a unique experience for every customer that walks through the door. An interview with 2GB radio station host, Ray Hadley following the award announcements had a dramatic affect on the bakery, with everything on the shelves selling out that day.

The Greater Sydney Tourism Awards are an opportunity for tourism operators of attractions and businesses to gain an insight into their industry, their business, achieve recognition for their success and promote tourism within their region.

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