Team Bakery Australia Announced

The Baking Associations of Australia (BAA) has announced the bakery team that will compete in Rimini, Italy, at next year’s SIGEP Bread Cup.

Cairns Wedding Cakes’ James Saunders, a veteran of a number of international events, including SIGEP 2011 where the team finished third just behind America and Italy, will captain the team.

Tim Modra, from Outback Bakery’s in Fannie Bay, Darwin, will specialise in the traditional bread and healthy bread sections.

In charge of the baked dessert section will be Jana Ludwig from The Ginger Bread House, Cairns. Ms Ludwig is a seasoned competitor with all-round skills and an experienced team player.

Shayne Greenman from William Angliss Institute, Melbourne, will contest the artistic bread piece.

BAA South Australia president, Martin McLennan has been appointed to assist the team.

Team Bakery Australia has been represented in Rimini for the past five years. The four-team members recently competed in The Australian Artisan Baking Cup at the FSA – Bakery Australia event conducted in Melbourne in June.

The team has now had two training sessions in Cairns and Mr Saunders is delighted with its progress and team spirit.

The theme of the sixth SIGEP Bread Cup is ‘Tastes and Flavours of the World’. The competition hopes to actively promote, celebrate and expand the art of artisan baking within Italy and throughout the world in a competitive forum for baking professionals. SIGEP, the International Exhibition Artisan production of gelato, pastry, confectionery and bakery in Rimini, will promote and play host to this event, which will be co-ordinated by Club Arti & Mestieri.

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