Award Winner Encourages Strategic Thinking

Award Winner Encourages Strategic Thinking

Bakeries need to concentrate on customer retention and business marketing strategies according to 2011 Arthur E Denison scholarship winner Marcus Winnick.

Marcus recently won the annual award after submitting an essay looking at ways to solve significant baking issues. The essay from the mature-age Bertalli’s Bakery apprentice discusses the “supermarket bread wars” and the effect that it has on independent bakers.

“We certainly do need to keep the quality up there,” Marcus said.

“With the convenience of going to a supermarket whereas walking down the road to your baker, it seems more viable [to have] stronger customer retention strategies,” he said.

The essay covers marketing, technology, promotion, up-skilling and product quality issues affecting the industry. Marcus said bakeries need to always have breads ready, stock a range of frozen par-baked breadsand never refuse the customer.

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