American Ready to Use Buttercremes

Since 1928, Brill has been supplying the American bakery industry with quality icings, glazes and ready-made products.

The company’s in-plant sugar grinding provides the finest granulation commercially available, resulting in a smooth mouthfeel and more delicious taste.

The Deco-Pro piping bags from Brill are a world first. The inbuilt star nozzle means all you have to do is to knead the bag, remove the cap and create. Then recap the bag when complete, so it’s ready for the next time.

With no time wasting by adding colours, nor messy cleaning up. Deco-Pro piping bags are a must for all bakeries.

The bags are available in seven colours and, combined together with the Vanilla (15.88kg) and/or Chocolate (6.35kg), light n’ fluffy American Buttercream products, your decorating will not only look great and professional but will also become more efficient and profitable.

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