Iconic Melbourne doughnut kitchen to open new loca...

Iconic Melbourne doughnut kitchen to open new location after 70 years

Beloved Melbourne based doughnut creators American Doughnut Kitchen (ADK) are set to open a new store at Prahran Markets this Autumn. The 70-year-old business first began in the 1950’s and has had a long-time market stall out of their van at the Queen Victoria Markets but will be opening a permanent brick-and-mortar.

Co-owner of ADK, Belinda Donaghey first took over the business in July 2023 with her husband. The business was originally acquired and run by her paternal grandfather and his friend who made a name for the iconic jam filled doughnuts—which are the main feature alongside plenty of other sweet doughy treats.

“[Opening] the store offers new opportunities and a new way of staying true to the way that we’ve always been doing things, because after this many decades, it works,” Belinda said.

“We have designed it in a way that it mimics the donut van being parked in the store. We’ve still got that long setup and we will still have the visual theatre of watching people cutting out the doughnuts, filling the boards and being able to see everything that’s going on inside.”

For local Melbournians who visit the Queen Victoria Markets they may be familiar with the long lines of people happily waiting to try some of ADKs famous doughnuts. The opening of the new store at Prahran means another space for people to buy and enjoy the doughnuts in store. Alongside the famous doughnuts, ADK will also be introducing coffee into the mix at Prahran.

“We will be announcing soon the coffee bean that we’ve selected. That’s quite exciting because they’re well known, but they’re not prolific in the Prahran area, which is great as they’re a very popular Melbourne coffee company,” Belinda said.

While the official open date has not yet been announced, the anticipation building to the opening will no doubt make the official opening a big one.

Stay posted for the official opening date of the American Doughnut Kitchen’s new store via social media: @adkqvm and @adkprahran  

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