Add A New Dimension To Familiar Treats

Add A New Dimension To Familiar Treats

As a party favourite, a special reward or a cool summertime treat, Push Up Cake Container from the Packaging Place have become one of the hottest dessert trends in years.

What will you pack into your push pop delights? Cheesecake? Ice-cream? Tasty layers of cake and frosting? Frozen cocktail? Savoury treats? What used to be just for ice-cream can now contain a medley of sweet desserts or savoury treats in one push-up tube.

The traditional cake and ice-cream served at birthday parties and other celebrations can now be enjoyed in these push-up containers. Dishwasher and freezer safe, they come in four parts -lid, cylinder, base and stem.

For more information about the Push-Up Cake Container, contact the Packaging Place.

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