Wa Supermarkets Struggling With Bread Supply

Wa Supermarkets Struggling With Bread Supply

According to an ABC News report, some mid-west Western Australian supermarkets were told in May they would no longer be supplied with bread from major bread maker Tip Top.

The owners of IGA supermarkets in Dalwallinu, Carnamah, Morawa, Three Springs and Perenjori told ABC News that Tip Top informed them bread would no longer be delivered to them from July 2 as the service was no longer economically viable.

Erik Siedelin, owner of the Dalwallinu IGA, told ABC News the decision would impact his business dramatically.

“What happens then? At this stage, I don’t really know,” he told ABC News.

“I haven’t got room to put in a bakery. I haven’t [got] the finances to do that because that’s not exactly a simple thing to do.

“It could be freighted up from Perth but that means we’d only get it twice a week. You’d never be able to get fresh bread.”Tip Top declined to comment at the time the report was published.

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