Muffin Break Goes Gourmet

Catering for customer cravings during the cooler months, Muffin Break has expanded its product range to include a premium assortment of five gourmet tartlets, baked fresh in-store daily.

With the rise of cooking-based reality television and expert advice to consume smaller meal portions, a recent survey of Muffin Break customers revealed a growing appetite for premium savoury foods that are made only with the freshest of gourmet ingredients.

Made with a reduced amount of egg, cream and pastry to keep kilojoules to minimum and allow for maximum gourmet fillings, each tartlet is approximately 12cm in diameter and contains less than 2800kj.

The Muffin Break gourmet tartlets range will feature flavours such as chorizo and caramelised onion; leek, mushroom and capsicum; ham, parmesan and rocket; bacon, mushroom and mustard; and chicken, capsicum and red pesto. Each tartlet will sell for $5.90.

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