Vanrooy Named Salva Worldwide Dealer of the Year

Vanrooy Named Salva Worldwide Dealer of the Year

Vanrooy are extremely excited to announce that they have been named the Salva Worldwide Dealer of the year for consecutive years running. This acknowledgment is a fantastic achievement for Vanrooy named and even more amazing to have back it up year after year.

“Considering Australia is only a very small consumer of the worlds bread and pastry sector, it is incredible to see that Vanrooy has managed to continue our world-class Salva sales support” says David Van Rooy. David also states that “Salva has been working with Vanrooy for 37 years and it has been amazing to see both companies grow together.”

From your small, single owner/operated bakeries to the national scale of Woolworths supermarkets, Salva is helping to improve the quality and ease in which Vanrooy customers achieve their bakery and pastry goals. If you need help deciding what Salva is right for you, head down to The Vanrooy Test Kitchen and test one for yourself.

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