Tarts Anon ready for Sydney World Chocolate Day ce...

Tarts Anon ready for Sydney World Chocolate Day celebrations

World Chocolate Day celebrations will include a collaboration between Tarts Anon's Gareth Whitton and Koko Black head chocolatier Remco Brigou

Melbourne bakery Tarts Anon has joined forces with Koko Black to celebrate World Chocolate Day.

As part of the World Chocolate Day celebrations Tarts Anon owner Gareth Whitton will be heading to Sydney to take part in a pop up.

From July 5-7 lucky Sydney-siders will be able to get their hands on Gareth’s special creation: chocolate leatherwood honey tart.

The tart, which was created in conjunction with Koko Black’s head chocolatier Remco Brigou, has seven layers and takes inspiration from Koko Black’s Tasmanian leatherwood honeycomb.

Beginning with a chocolate-infused twist on Tart Anon’s signature shortcrust pastry, it is then layered with leatherwood honey caramel. There is also peperkoek sponge and dark chocolate custard to finish the World Chocolate Tart off.

Previous World Chocolate Day collaborations have seen Koko Black team up with Black Star, Tokyo Lamington and, last year, Kate Reid from Lune Croissanterie.

The pop up will be at Koko Black’s QVB store.

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